How the Iranian Government is Evading Nuclear Sanctions

The US and its UE counterparts must keep close eye on Iran, if they to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons. Operatives in Tehran are very much focused at developing their nuclear capability regardless of the hard sanctions in place. From early 2002 to date, the Iranians have tried to use every trick imaginable in the book to advance their nuclear program. Iran nuclear ambitions are led by top politicians and government officials who are determined to attain their aim one day. Despite the numerous sanctions,the Iranian government continues to push for nuclear weapons.

For example, American and the European Union sanctions have caused the Iranian economy to tank, causing a lot of suffering to the ordinary Iranian citizen. Despite numerous anti-government protests in Iran, operatives in Tehran continue with their quest to build nuclear weapons. Operatives in Tehran are uncovering methods to by-pass the sanctions put in place the the US and EU. Tehran operatives are determined to develop nuclear weapons, so the US and EU government must act to stop the threat first. This article highlights the ways the Iranian operatives are employing to circumvent the sanctions imposed by the US.

Acquiring firms in other nations

Investing money into foreign companies is the number one strategy the Iranian government is using to continue its ambition to create nuclear weapons. For example, the Iranian government is investing loads of money into proxy companies located outside Iran, specifically In Germany and Italy. Iranian operatives are focusing their investments on energy firms with the aim of copying technology that can advance their nuclear program.

The Iranian government for instance has been able to acquire a number of companies involved in the energy sector in Germany. When the US and EU uncover these tactics, some firms are shut down, then others are instantly opened . A majority of firms acquired by proxy companies representing the Iranian government haven’t made profits hence some have been forced to shut. The aim of the Iranian government is to buy industrial plants using proxy firms so as to acquire the needed technology to build nuclear weapons.

Using oversees firms to procure materials

The Iranian government is using tricks to by-pass the sanctions by utilizing proxy firms based in nations such as UAE to procure illegal equipment and materials. For example, there are plenty of Iranian-linked companies based in Dubai and Turkey that are working round-the-clock to smuggle banned materials into Tehran. While the US and EU watch with a keen eye, the threat of Iran acquiring key equipment and materials needed to advance their nuclear program is alive and kicking.

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